John Howard Society of Brandon, Inc.
153 - 8th Street
Brandon MB R7A 3W9
Phone: (204) 727-1696
Fax: (204) 728-4344

Community Institutional Program Coordinator

Position Description – John Howard Society of Brandon, Inc.



35 hours per week

$36,400/annum  to start



Executive Director (ED) of John Howard Society of Brandon, Inc.



Institutional Services:

  • Co-facilitate 10 half-day weeks per fiscal year of Institutional Programming in cooperation with Brandon Correctional Centre (BCC) staff for inmates (programming to be determined by BCC, but may include End to Aggression Program, Community Resource Fair)
    • To work in conjunction to schedule, prepare and complete group presentations inclusive of intakes and exit meetings with BCC staff
    • To provide facilitation services in presenting and completing said groups
    • To provide completion reports for each group facilitated to the Executive Director as required


  • Provide Reintegration services inclusive of Release Plans for inmates at BCC
    • To attend in person as determined by need through discussion with ED.
    • To respond to formal requests for JHS and provide timely services
    • To be a resource for BCC staff in the area of discharge planning
    • to assist inmates with information about release and construct pre-release plans
    • to schedule community based follow up meetings with inmates once released from BCC to encourage and support with release plans


  • Provide counselling and support to inmates at BCC
    • in responding to each inmate request, schedule appointments with inmates to provide counselling and support
    • to complete and submit with each monthly report to ED a copy of the contact sheets outlining areas of discussion and time spent for each inmate


  • Provide appropriate advocacy on behalf of clients
    • To identify issues/concerns of inmates
    • Bring relevant issues/concerns to the attentions of the Executive Director to develop an appropriate response/plan.


  • Work in cooperation with community agencies and service providers for the benefit of the inmates being released to the community and assist in community development
    • to act as a representative for John Howard Society of Brandon, Inc. in linking with community agencies in Westman for the benefit of community reintegration and resources for inmates being released from BCC
    • to serve as a member of boards or community interest groups that support and assist with release plans or resources for inmates held at BCC as approved by ED
    • to attend relevant meetings when required and retain meeting minutes
    • to provide full details and disclosure in monthly report of interactions with community agencies and service providers in monthly report


  • Provide aftercare services to client released from custody
    • Help clients successfully reintegrate into the community
    • Provide appropriate community resources to clients
    • Provide one-to-one support on an as needed basis
    • Organize aftercare groups as determined in conjunction with E.D.

Community Programming:

  •  Maintain Pre-registration and Waitlists for Community Programming
    • Talk to and provide information to walk-in clients regarding community programming
    • In conjunction with other JHSB staff help clients pre-register for community programming
    • Ensure JHSB database (Penelope) is up to date and current with regard to pre-registration, waitlists, and services (including contact notes)


  • Complete Intakes for Community Programming
    • In conjunction with the E.D. and Volunteer Coordinator, have standing intake slots available for those requesting community programming (typically 2/week).
    • Complete intakes as needed and determine if suitable for group or individual programming
    • Complete intake summaries for facilitators


  • Co-facilitate John Howard Society of Brandon Adult Community Programming
    • To co-facilitate Adult Anger Management program every other month ( 4-5 times per year)
    • To co-facilitate 2-3 Adult Domestic Violence programs per year
    • Schedule room and ensure program materials are prepared for programming
    • Complete exit interviews and final reports in cooperation with co-facilitators for those programs you run


  • Provide Individual Community Programming to Adults
    • As the schedule permits, provide individual Anger Management and Domestic Violence Services to those not appropriate for group programming. Inclusive of exit interviews and final reports.


  • Provide Individual and Group Anger Management Programming to Youth
    • To provide individual services in the Y.A.M.P. for those youth who are not appropriate for the group environment.
    • Responsible for intake, delivery of program, exit interview and final report
    • Involves parents/care givers in programming (intake and exit)
    • Deliver three Youth Anger Management programs per year (with a co-facilitator). Responsible for scheduling, delivery of program, make-up sessions, exit interview, final report, and a parents information session.


General Duties

  • Maintain knowledge of Community Resources
    • Have knowledge of, and maintain up to date community resources.
    • Provide relevant referrals and information to clients in order to connect clients to appropriate resources (inclusive: i.e. lawyers in Brandon (names, areas of practice, address, phone numbers, etc.), Employment and Income assistance, educational resources, 7th Street Access, transit information, etc.)


  • Create and maintain a positive profile in interaction within community
    • to promote the John Howard Society of Brandon, Inc. in a positive fashion with staff and inmates of Brandon Correctional Centre and all other agencies involved with JHS
    • to accommodate requests when necessary and provide information to any outside agency in an appropriate and acceptable timely manner


  • Work in cooperation with other members of the John Howard Society of Brandon, Inc. team
    • To attend at the office in a timely fashion on a consistent basis.
    • To prepare detailed monthly reports, inclusive of time sheets, as required and submit same as per agency standards
    • To assist in the monthly staff meeting process by preparing agenda items for each month meeting; To attend all staff meetings, participate and provide feedback
    • To attend and participate at all community functions that involve JHS; including fundraising
    • To assist with the daily office functions when required i.e. walk-ins, reception
    • To communicate with ED and/or staff members of on-going needs or assistance

–     To provide public education on the role of John Howard Society of Brandon, Inc. within the Westman area


  • To perform other duties as assigned from time to time by ED on as needed basis



Skills required:

  • effective communication; relationship and capacity building
  • superior time management; exemplary organizational abilities
  • willingness to learn; analytical, critical, creative, thinking; problem solving
  • be a motivated, autonomous individual willing to work in a team environment