John Howard Society of Brandon, Inc.
153 - 8th Street
Brandon MB R7A 3W9
Phone: (204) 727-1696
Fax: (204) 728-4344

Executive Director – Full-time position

Wage range:  $55,000 – $65,000/year

Typical working hours: Monday to Friday 8:30 – 4:30

Must be available to work evenings and weekends as required.


Agency Mission:


The John Howard Society of Brandon is a separately incorporated social service agency operating under the authority of an independent Board of Directors.  Affiliation is maintained with the John Howard Society of Manitoba as well as with the national organization, and agency operation is conducted in accordance with provincial and national guidelines for John Howard Society member agencies.


The John Howard Society of Brandon, Inc., a charitable organization, provides services to victims, offenders, and the community in seeking restorative solutions to crime.


Position Summary:


The Executive Director (ED) reports directly to the John Howard Society Board of Directors and is principally accountable to the Executive Committee.  As such, the ED is a member of the management team and participates fully in the decision-making and administration of the agency governance.  The ED is the staff member charged with responsibility for the overall operational management of the agency and its programs including the Westman Mediation Service.  The Executive Director ensures that client services and program operations are conducted in accordance with Board policies, John Howard Society values and service standards, and are maintained and delivered in accordance with professional social service agency standards.


The Executive Director is the principal spokesperson for the agency and, as such, is expected to develop and sustain close and effective working relationships with Manitoba Corrections and the various Criminal Justice system service components.  The Executive Director promotes and communicates the aims, principles and values of the John Howard Society within the context of these relationships, and formulates these working partnerships to promote quality client services and to enhance the overall provision of progressive and humane Criminal Justice services and policies.


 Required Qualifications:

  •  a baccalaureate degree in a relevant discipline
  • two years of directly-related experience within the Criminal Justice service system
  • related experience in agency operational management
  • related experience in fiscal management
  • excellent communication skills
  • a valid Driver’s License and reliable vehicle
  • successful completion of a Criminal Records, Child Abuse Registry, and Adult Abuse Registry review.


Position Responsibilities:


The Executive Director position is complex and demanding in its structure and operational requirements.  Among a small agency staffing component, the Executive Director is expected to assume a broad diversity of functions and to apply flexibility in the performance of the position.  In accordance with client and community service needs, as well as priorities and policies to be determined with the Board of Directors, the Executive Director will be required to respond to direct service and management functions that are variable and require multiple skill sets.


Principal functions for the position are as follows:


  1. Program development, implementation and evaluation
  2. Agency operational management
  3. Staffing and recruitment
  4. Staff supervision
  5. Fiscal management
  6. Client service
  7. General management and administration
  8. Property Management


  1. Program Development, Implementation and Evaluation:


  • Identifies with the Board of Directors the target populations and community needs for programs and service priorities
  • In conjunction with the Board of Directors, maintains a Strategic Plan to organize and direct the development of programs
  • In conjunction with the Board of Dirctors, develops and revises policies, procedures and standards for the implementation of programs and services
  • Participates with the Board in Continuous Quality Improvement practices for programming
  • Maintains continuous outcome evaluation practices to ensure that programs are active, effective and accurate in serving target client populations.
  • Works in conjuction with an advisor as appointed by the Board of Directors


2. Agency Operational Management:


  • Plans and implements service delivery methods together with agency staff
  • Ensures an effective and accessible system of Client Intake
  • Provides support to Board members, through producing a report of activities and programs for Board meetings, organzing Board meetings and the AGM, and providing information to Board members
  • Is available to respond to service problem solving, policy clarification and general management of the agency and staff
  • With Board or Executive approval, acts as primary spokesperson to represent the agency to the media with regard to agency practices, policies and values and current Criminal Justice issues
  • Promotes the John Howard Society through community education and general contact with others

3. Staffing and Recruitment:


  • Ensures there are appropriate staffing projections and patterns, including volunteers, to ensure satisfactory service delivery
  • Ensures and maintains up-to-date position descriptions for staff and volunteers
  • Develops recruitment methods, selection criteria and interview formats
  • Structures interviews and participates with the Board in hiring decisions
  • Arranges and/or ensures satisfactory orientation for staff and volunteers to areas of assignments, roles and service methods


4. Staff Supervision:

  •  Assigns tasks and service responsibilities to staff as required
  • Meets regularly with staff to review and evaluate service provision
  • Maintains and monitors statistical indicators and trends of service provision
  • Monitors work habits, relationships and general performance of staff
  • Conducts periodic performance appraisals as per policy
  • Provides consultation and guidance to staff regarding case management, client counseling services and administrative procedures
  • Provides education and skill development through supervision
  • Consults with staff regarding issues that may have legal, jurisdictional or other unusually sensitive aspects to ensure a correct course of action


5. Fiscal Management:

  • Together with members of the Board, establishes an annual budget
  • Authorizes expenditures and purchases as approved in the budget
  • Assists with the preparation of a Financial Report for each Board meeting
  • Ensures that applications for grants, operating funds and other sources of revenue are completed and processed in accordance with specified criteria and deadlines for application
  • Participates in agency approved fundraising campaigns and activities
  • Ensures John Howard Society of Brandon representation at funder activities as required by contracts (i.e. United Way activities)


6. Client Service:

  • As the senior staff member, takes responsibility for service provision to complex client situations, either solely or in conjunction with other staff
  • Is available to provide information about Intake and Walk-In services
  • Evaluates and monitors service contracts with affiliated agencies, such as Probation Services and Brandon Correctional Centre, to ensure that contractual obligations are fulfilled


 7. General Management and Administration:

  •  Completes administrative reports, summaries and proposals as required
  • Maintains satisfactory working knowledge of the Criminal Justice System and principles of Restorative Justice and other John Howard Society policies
  • Demonstrates satisfactory work skills regarding communication, productivity, problem solving, conflict resolution and punctuality
  • Establishes and monitors record keeping policies and practices for client and administrative functions to ensure compliance and currency
  • Liases with the John Howard Society of Manitoba on an ongoing basis
  • Sits on or ensures staff representation on all Board committees


8. Property Management

  • Ensures tenant leases are up to date
  • Ensures appropriate scheduled maintenance occurs
  • Respond to any emergency situations as required
  • Maintain list of alarm system codes and keys for the building