John Howard Society of Brandon, Inc.
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Restorative Justice Facilitator

Parkland Region (located in Dauphin, MB)

Position Description – John Howard Society of Brandon, Inc.

Full-time Position




Restorative Justice Services

  • Receive referrals from referring agents (schools, RCMP, police, Crown, Probation Services)
    • Ensure files are opened in a timely fashion (physical file and opened in database system)
    • Determine appropriate action to proceed (refer to Justice committee, proceed with service yourself, refer to third party agency, etc.)


Provide the range of Restorative Justice Services (Diversions) within the Parkland area

– Provide a range of culturally appropriate services – involving the victim and community as much as possible/appropriate (diversions, victim/offender mediations, group programming, etc.)

– follow up to ensure compliance

– provide timely written reports to referring agent regarding outcome


  • Achieve each levels of RJ Mastery as outlined by JHSB

– Achieve level 1 Mastery


  • Deliver individual and/or group programming specific to Intimate Partner Violence referrals
    • Deliver specific individual or group programming for IPV/RJ referrals as specified by JHSB policies.


  • Consult with your supervisor in specialized cases
    • Consult with your supervisor regarding specialized cases within the Parkland region as necessary


  • Keep up to date file recordings in JHSB database system
    • Ensure accurate and timely recording of notes/appointments/outcomes
    • Ensure file is closed on database system in a timely fashion


  • Collect and compile evaluative data from the Region
    • Collect and compile data across the Parkland Region on Post-program surveys for victims, offenders, and stakeholders
    • Collect and compile monthly statistics across the Parkland Region on RJ services provided and success rates
    • Collect and compile data across the Parkland Region on any other measures as determined by the Restorative Justice Co-ordinator or Executive Director


Networking and Promotion

  • Liaise, Network, and promote the John Howard Society of Brandon and Restorative Justice
    • Attend court on a weekly (or as needed) basis to promote the usage of restorative justice measures when appropriate
    • Liaise and network with schools, Police, RCMP, Defense, Crown Attorney’s, and Judges on an ongoing basis to promote and discuss restorative justice and its process.
    • Provide a consistent message across the Parkland region with regard to Restorative Justice in conjunction with community partners (i.e. MMF, SCO, MKO) and as approved by MB Justice.


Parkland Community Justice Committee support and development

  • Provide orientation training, support, and mentorship to prospective and new justice committee volunteers in the Parkland area
    • Maintain regular contact with the different Parkland Community Justice Committees in conjunction with the Volunteer Coordinator
  • Help to recruit and develop new justice committees where necessary in conjunction with your supervisor and Volunteer Coordinator



  • Provide Inter-personal Conflict Resolution and Mediation Training on a yearly basis in conjunction with other Restorative Justice Facilitators
  • Provide training, support, mentorship, and follow up to First Nations communities wishing to provide diversion services in their community.
  • Provide community education and public awareness sessions on the  program and restorative justice within the Parkland region
    • Connect with school divisions, post-secondary educational facilities, and other community organizations to provide educational sessions regarding restorative justice and the RJ program


General Duties/Expectations:

  • Maintain knowledge of Community Resources
    • Have knowledge of, and maintain up to date community resources for the Parkland Region.
    • Provide relevant referrals and information to clients in order to connect clients to appropriate resources (inclusive: i.e. lawyers (names, areas of practice, address, phone numbers, etc.), Employment and Income assistance, educational resources, transit information, etc.)


  • Create and maintain a positive profile in interaction within community
    • to promote the John Howard Society of Brandon, Inc. in a positive fashion with the general community and all other agencies involved with JHSB
    • to accommodate requests when necessary and provide information to any outside agency in an appropriate and timely manner


  • Work in cooperation with other members of the John Howard Society of Brandon, Inc. team
    • To attend at the office in a timely fashion on a consistent basis.
    • To prepare detailed monthly reports (for overall program and out of the area referrals), inclusive of time sheets and expense sheets as required and submit same as per agency standards
    • To assist in the monthly staff meeting process by preparing agenda items for each monthly meeting; To attend all staff meetings, participate and provide feedback
    • To attend monthly Restorative Justice staff meetings
    • To mentor/supervise and provide feedback to any student or volunteer assigned to the program area
    • To attend and participate in community functions that involve JHS; including fundraising
    • To communicate with RJC, ED and/or staff members of on-going needs or assistance


  • To perform other duties as assigned from time to time by the RJC or ED on as needed basis


Skills required:

  • effective communication;  relationship and capacity building
  • superior time management; exemplary organizational abilities
  • willingness to learn;  analytical, critical, creative, thinking; problem solving
  • be a motivated, autonomous individual willing to work in a team environment
  • leadership and management skills


Qualifications required:

  • Degree/diploma in social services or related area or combination of relevant experience and education will be considered


Desirable qualifications:

  • Certificate in Mediation Skills or Conflict Resolution Studies


Closing  date to August 3, 2018.